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Tambora und das «Jahr ohne Sommer» 1816: Klima, Mensch und Gesellschaft

1816: the “Year Without a Summer”

The 1815 Tambora eruption devastated the island of Sumbawa, led to a global cooling and contributed to the last famine in Switzerland.


From weather observations to atmospheric and climate sciences in Switzerland

150 years meteorology

In 2016 the Swiss Society for Meteorology (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Meteorologie, SGM) celebrates its 100th anniversary. The idea of this book is to give an overview of what has happened in the field of atmospheric sciences in Switzerland since the first systematic long-term meteorological observations until today.



Science et Cité

Die Stiftung Science et Cité ist eine neutrale Schnittstelle zwischen Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit. Sie sucht den Dialog und schafft damit ein Klima des gegenseitigen Vertrauens zwischen Wissenschaftlern und Bürgern.



A window to the Universe


ChronoZoom is an educational tool for teachers and students who want to put historical events in perspective.