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Another Avalanche coming down at Untere Sulztalalm 1900 m, near Gries in the Sulztal: Austria on 9 February 2003

1916: deadly wartime weather

One of the worst meteorological disasters in history took place in the southeastern Alps during the infamous winter of 1916 /17. Avalanches following a massive snowfall event killed thousands of soldiers as well as civilians.


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Informationen zu Klimaänderung, Auswirkungen und Massnahmen.


Daten Klima Klimaportal


ProClim is the Forum for Climate and Global Change of the SCNAT. It serves as an interface for communication between science, public administration, politics, economy and the public.


2016: the year in science

2016: The year in science

Scientists weathered a turbulent year, from political upheavals to the direct detection of gravity waves. Here, Nature highlights the people, events and discoveries that made a difference in 2016.