About the portal "sciences Switzerland"

Are you looking for reliable, first-hand research information? Are you interested in posts, events and publications on the sciences? Are you thinking of becoming a member of a scientific organisation or looking for partners for your projects? The Portal Sciences Switzerland provides organisations committed to science with the means to share their knowledge with you and to inform you about their activities. As the Portal's administrator Portal, the Swiss Academy of Sciences SCNAT carefully selects its partners, which work and publish by observing the terms of use.


Become a partner!

If you belong to a science-oriented organisation and would like to share your organisation’s website or have a page on the Swiss Sciences Portal covering a particular scientific topic, or if you would like to use the Portal to communicate specific information, then please get in touch with our Editor-in-Chief, Pascal Blanc, who will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. Those who are accepted as partners in the Swiss Sciences Portal are issued with their own login details and can publish information on the Portal independently and free of charge.


Editorial staff

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact the editorial staff for the Portal Sciences Switzerland.

Pascal Blanc

Pascal Blanc

Chief editor, communication

pascal.blanc@scnat.ch, 031 306 93 23


Marcel Falk

Marcel Falk

Chief Communication Officer


Danièle Martinoli

Academic assistant, Forum Biodiversity


Martina Mittler (2014)

Martina Mittler

Academic assistant, ProClim


Photo Rina Wiedmer

Rina Wiedmer

Editor, communication


Jürg Pfister

«Scientists spend their lives trying to understand the world. How did life emerge? Do parallel universes exist? How can we tackle the ebola virus? The creation of knowledge is one of our fundamental preoccupations, and the greatest driving force behind our development as a society. The Swiss Sciences Portal provides insights into current scientific topics, organisations and activities, and thus serves as an all- important bridge – from science to you! The Portal is still in its infancy – over the coming months and years it will continue to grow and develop in terms of new content and increasing sophistication. Welcome to the world of science!»

Dr. Jürg Pfister
Secretary General SCNAT

About the languages

The portal Sciences Switzerland is the communication platform for the scientific organisations in the multilingual Switzerland. All contributions are not always available in englisch and three of the languages of the country. When only one language exists, the contribution appears anyway in the other portal versions. So that the user can be aware of the content, independent of his language. 

Hinweis zu den Geodaten

Auf dem Portal Naturwissenschaften Schweiz werden folgende Daten des Bundesamtes für Statistik benutzt:

  • Generalisierte Gemeindegrenzen, Stand 1.1.2015, Datensatz ggg_15, Erhebungszeitpunkt der Grundlagendaten: Nachführungsstand swissBOUNDARIES3D 2015, Datum der Reproduktion: 30.6.2015.
  • Amtliches Gemeindeverzeichnis der Schweiz, Stand: 01.01.2015
  • Die Raumgliederungen der Schweiz, Gemeindestand 01.01.2015
  • Ortschaftenverzeichnis der Schweiz, Ausgabe 2015