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Water security for a planet under pressure – and the consequences for Switzerland

Fact sheet Rio+20

Water security for a planet under pressure and the consequences for Switzerland

Bevölkerung- und Wirtschaftswachstum sowie der Klimawandel erhöhen den Druck
auf die globalen Frischwasservorkommen. In Zukunft werden wir mit der Ressource
Wasser sparsamer umgehen müssen.

Factsheets for a policy of sustainability

From 20 to 22 June 2012 presidents and prime ministers from all over the world will meet at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20. The name of the conference – Rio+20 – refers to the UN conference that took place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 20 years ago. The main target of the Rio+20 conference is to renew the political engagement for sustainable development. With regard to Rio+20 there will be a scientific preparatory conference entitled “Planet under Pressure” in London from 26 to 29 March 2012. There, representatives from politics and science will meet.

In view of this conference, the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) prepares factsheets in collaboration with Swiss researchers on topics relevant for Rio+20. The factsheets summarize the state of knowledge and give policy recommendations, both for the international level and Switzerland.

Year: 2012

  • Topics
    • biodiversity (183)
    • science (110)
    • Environmental Sciences (90)
    • Earth Sciences (90)
    • research (71)
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  • Organisations
    • Platform Geosciences (68)
    • Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (60)
    • SCNAT (45)
    • Swiss National Science Foundation (42)
    • Swiss Biodiversity Forum (40)
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Starting with the origin of Switzerland’s abundant water resources, the high amount of precipitation in the Alps, relevant hydrological, water management, social and environmental aspects of water are considered. Since a large part of Switzerland’s precipitation falls as snow, the storage of water in snow and glaciers plays an important role in the seasonal distribution of runoff, especially in high-altitude catchments. Hydropower, fisheries and recreation depend on reliable runoff. Water therefore has environmental, cultural and economic functions that may at times conflict with one another.