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Jul 21
Jul 25
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  • Prague

12th International Congress of Cell Biology (ICCB2016)

The aim of the congress is to offer a unique opportunity for sharing well selected aspects on the latest evidence based research findings and applications. Also, the congress is a stimulating forum for professional development and establishing fruitful global and regional collaborations.
Newly integrated in the congress programme are the academic, scientific and corporate project development day, exchange and career fair for students, professional development accreditation (CME), industry training centre and last but not least new innovative congress technologies for delegates. We expect more than 3000 participants including 80 invited speakers.

The congress theme, „Exploring cellular structure and function“ recognises the key role that cell biology plays in the management of deeper understanding of the tissues and organisms that cells compose.
Sep 3
Sep 8
  • conference
  • Kuşadası/Aydın

41st Congress of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)

The Congress aims to give you an opportunity to share not only what you have discovered about the structural and operational intricacies of life, but also how this ever-expanding knowledge is being harnessed to improve our welfare, and to achieve a better quality of life.

We expect that the topics (Gene Expression and Regulation; Cell Functions at the Molecular Level; From Systems Biology to Single Molecules; Biochemical Aspects of the Immune Response; Novel Advances in Cancer Research; Molecular Basis of Cardiac Function and Regeneration; Biomaterials; Molecular Neurosciences, Aging and Oxidative Stress) will provide ample flexibility in many directions.