Swiss Entomological Society

The Swiss Entomological Society (SES) was founded in 1858, with the aims to study the insect fauna of Switzerland, to further the general entomological knowledge and to promote contacts between its members. Members are both professional and amateur entomologists.

Currently, ten regional chapters are affiliated with the SES: Alpstein, Basel, Berne, Fribourg, Geneva, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Vaud, Wallis and Zurich.

Insects—Diversity and Importance

The biodiversity of arthropods in general, and insects in particular, is higher – much higher – than that of any other macroscopic group of organisms. While it is expected that there are several million species of insects in the world, we anticipate a fauna of at least 30'000 species in Switzerland – about ten times the species richness of the vascular plants in this country.

Many of these organisms play an important role in our natural ecosystems, for instance as pollinators of flowering plants or as prey for other animals. But also in the realm of man-made ecosystems in forestry and agriculture their importance can hardly be overestimated – be it as pests or as beneficial antagonists of those pests. Furthermore, insects are of considerable scientific interest in human and veterinary medicine as vectors of many dreaded diseases. Finally, the often specific habitat requirements of many insects make them sensitive indicators for the state of our environment and therefore useful for conservation monitoring and climate change assessments.

  • Publications

Guide d'identification des papillons de jour de Suisse
  • 2016

Guide d'identification des papillons de jour de Suisse

Neues Handbuch für eine einfache Identifizierung der 216 Schmetterlingsarten der Schweiz (nur auf Französisch)
HOTSPOT 33: Gärten für die Biodiversität
  • 2016

HOTSPOT 33/16: Gärten für die Biodiversität

Privatgärten könn(t)en wahre Perlen der Naturvielfalt sein. Deren Potential ist gross für die Aufwertung der Grünflächen im Siedlungsgebiet – und dies ganz zum Vorteil auch der Menschen. Das Magazin HOTSPOT „Gärten für die Biodiversität" zeigt auf, wie Privatgärten zu Lebensräumen für eine grosse Vielfalt wildlebender Arten, Zier- und Kulturpflanzen werden können, ohne dass dabei auf gestalterische Anforderungen verzichtet werden muss. Es gilt, dem markanten Rückgang der Biodiversität auch durch die Aufwertung der Privatgärten entgegenzuhalten. Das Heft ist auf Deutsch oder Französisch erhältlich; lassen Sie sich inspirieren!
Entomo Helvetica 2015/8: Titelseite
  • 2015

Entomo Helvetica Volume 8, 2015

Journal of Swiss Entomologists


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Welcome to an inexhaustible area of research

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The sheer variety of insects, both in terms of taxonomic species richness and ecological diversity, is responsible for the fact that there is still relatively little known about most species in Switzerland and hence much remains to be discovered.

Our entomological society unites the expertise of professional entomologists and keen naturalists, covering a broad spectrum of insects from Aha to Zyzzyx.

Insects are truly ideal objects of study: often beautiful, sometimes bizarre, but above all always surprising and endlessly fascinating. Indulge in your thirst for knowledge, learn more about these six-legged beasties and of course – become a member of our society!

Stefan Ungricht

President of the Swiss Entomological Society