Das Schweizer Forschungsmagazin Horizonte, das gemeinsam vom Schweizerischen Nationalfonds und den Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz herausgegeben wird, berichtet viermal jährlich über die neusten Ergebnisse und Erkenntnisse aus allen Disziplinen der Wissenschaft: von der Biologie und Medizin über sozial- und kulturwissenschaftliche Themen bis zu Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften. Horizonte richtet sich an ein breites, an wissenschaftlichen Fragen interessiertes Publikum. Das Abbenement ist kostenlos.

Lernen Sie die erstaunliche Welt der Forschung kennen und lassen Sie sich zum Nachdenken anregen: Was bringt die Medizin voran? Welche Energiequellen können wir nutzen? Was bewegt die Gesellschaft morgen?

  • Publication series

  • 2016

Weapons: making, selling and using them

Swiss legislators are currently debating dual-use goods, such as the kitchen knife, the perfect example of a product that is both utensil and weapon. They’re trying to find a solution to the inevitable moral issues that arise out of legislating the arms trade, in particular defining categories of military goods and of authorised export-destination countries.
  • 2016

Research rises in the East

These days, one scientific study out of twelve comes from China. The growth of scientific production in Asia is unprecedented, and it has already upset the world’s research scene.
  • 2015

Horizons: Men, women and all the others

Some people are neither male nor female.The medical sciences and society are still seeking for a way to deal with this indeterminacy.
  • 2015

Horizons: New paths for science

Science is taking a hard look in the mirror, and it’s for the best. The problems it faces are increasingly clear: reproducibility, fraud and statistical bias, to name but a few. Back in 2013 the news magazine The Economist featured the front-page headline “How Science Goes Wrong”. For sure, it may be somewhat alarmist to talk about ‘a crisis of science’, but it does embody the idea behind the critical, unwavering view of the scientific community on the state of affairs in its own house.
  • 2015

Horizons: Humanities 2.0: a digital odyssey

The latest issue of Horizons explores how computer-assisted methods are radically changing the humanities.
Researchers in Politics !?!
  • 2015

Horizons: Researchers in Politics !?!

Governments are ever more dependent on scientific expertise, but many researchers hesitate to become politically active themselves. Horizons offers three perspectives on this complex relationship, including an interview with the politician and physician Felix Gutzwiller, who argues in favour of having more researchers in parliament. Other articles analyse independence-seeking parties in Europe, explore the world’s largest underwater caves, examine the history of crime in the US and explain how Switzerland assumed a central role in the fight against Ebola.

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