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We Scientists Shape Science

Science has become a lot bigger and faster. Join us now to make it better @ the congress on 26 / 27 January 2017 in Bern.
Factsheet «Ozon und Sommersmog: Klimawandel gefährdet heutige Erfolge
  • 2016

Ozon und Sommersmog: Klimawandel gefährdet heutige Erfolge

Der Ozongehalt in der Umgebungsluft hat trotz erfolgreicher Luftreinhaltemassnahmen in der Schweiz nur wenig abgenommen. Damit belastet der Sommersmog nach wie vor die menschliche Gesundheit. Mit dem Klimawandel dürften heisse Sommer wie 2003 und 2015 künftig häufiger auftreten und das Ozonproblem erneut verschärfen.
Factsheet «New plant breeding techniques for Swiss agriculture – significant potential, uncertain future»
  • 2016

Factsheet «New plant breeding techniques for Swiss agriculture – significant potential, uncertain future»

The genetic makeup of plants can be modified precisely by means of new breeding techniques. Typically, these changes could also occur naturally and, in the process, no genetic material that is unrelated to the species remains in the plant. The techniques significantly broaden the possibilities for plant breeding, thereby potentially helping to make Swiss agriculture more environmentally friendly, economically viable and ultimately more sustainable.1 As some varieties developed by using the new breeding techniques already exist and new ones are expected to follow shortly, it is imperative to determine whether or not plants engineered by means of these new techniques are subject to the Gene Technology Act. From a natural scientific point of view, there is no reason for a strict regulation of plants bred in this fashion.

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