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The Platform Geosciences unifies all the societies and commissions of the Academy that are active in the field of geoscience. It acts as an interface between the various academic disciplines of geosciences as well as between research, practice, administration, politics and the public.

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Oct 5
Sand and gravel pit near Thalgut (Canton Bern)
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Rohe Stoffe – Fluch oder Segen?

Nichtenergetische, mineralische Rohstoffe wie beispielsweise Sand, Kies und Hartgesteine bilden eine wesentliche Grundlage unseres täglichen Lebens. Ihre Verfügbarkeit ist für uns selbstverständlich und der Verbrauch nimmt stetig zu. Was sind die langfristigen Folgen der zunehmenden Nutzung dieser nicht erneuerbaren Rohstoffe? Welche Herausforderungen kommen auf uns zu?
Nov 18
Nov 19
Logo SGM 2016 in Geneva
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14th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2016, Geneva

The 14th edition of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting will focus on the latest advances in research in geosciences. It will be held 18th and 19th November 2016 in Geneva.
Jan 26
Jan 27
We Scientists Shape Science (teaser)
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We Scientists Shape Science

We want science to be creative, solid, open, helpful for society and a good career opportunity for the talented youth. Let’s start to change what it means to be a scientist and the way and the framework in which science is conducted. It is us scientists who need to change science. Researchers and key players in the Swiss science landscape will decide upon first steps at the meeting. It is time for doing science better.


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