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The Swiss Forum for Genetic Research facilitates a broad and neutral discourse about gene technology. It is concerned with the transmission of factual information about genetic research. The forum functions as an early detection center for developments in the field that might prove to be of great significance for society. The forum thus actively promotes the dialogue between society, politics, administration and science.

The Forum is an interdisciplinary working group of the «Platform Science and Policy» of the Swiss Academy of Sciences.

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Jun 7
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Biohacking or Ecohacking?

LASERZURICH will be featuring three renowned scientists, a synthetic biologist, a microbiological ecologist and a plant ecologist to cross-pollinate their research on the controversial subject of “biohacking or ecohacking?”, moderated by cellular and molecular artist: Prof Dr. Jill Scott.
Jun 8
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  • Zürich

Neue Technologien in der Pflanzenforschung – eine Alternative zu Pflanzenschutzmitteln?

Bietet die moderne Pflanzenforschung Alternativen zum Einsatz von Pflanzenschutzmitteln? Diese grundlegende Frage möchte das Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center und das Collegium Helveticum auf einer Fachtagung mit namhaften Expertinnen und Experten aus Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft, Politik und Verwaltung diskutieren. Wir möchten Ihnen neuste wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse präsentieren und deren Anwendbarkeit diskutieren. Angesprochen werden Grundsätze der partizipativen Technologieabschätzung und deren Einfluss auf die Meinungsbildung und politische Entscheidungsfindung.

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Genetically modifiedplants: questions and answers
  • 27.05.2016
  • Forum for Genetic Research
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Genetically modified plants: questions and answers

What are genetically modified (GM) plants? Is genetic modification safe? Where are GM crops grown and eaten? These and 15 more questions answered in a new document published by the british Royal Society.
New developments in engineering plant metabolic pathways
  • 27.05.2016
  • Forum for Genetic Research
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New developments in engineering plant metabolic pathways

A review of the current state-of-the-art in plant engineering. The publication presents how:
- Plant metabolic pathways can be reconstituted in heterologous hosts.
- Metabolism in crop plants can be engineered to improve the production of biofuels.
- Crops can be engineered to express metabolic pathways that improve human health.
Genetischer Code
  • 26.05.2016
  • Forum for Genetic Research
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Retour sur la biologie de synthèse

Sarah Dirren de la RTS vous propose un dossier sur la biologie de synthèse ou comment créer du vivant à partir d’éléments présents dans la nature. L’idée de la biologie de synthèse est de concevoir et de construire de nouveaux systèmes ou de nouvelles fonctions biologiques plus performants que ceux existant dans la nature.
  • 24.05.2016
  • Platform Biology
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A platform for the discovery of new macrolide antibiotics

Scientists present a novel approach for the discovery and manufacture of macorlide antibiotics. It has the potential to become a valuable tool in the arms race against resistant microbes.
Akash Arasu and Ari Sarfatis (Photo: Shem Johnson)
  • 24.05.2016
  • Forum for Genetic Research
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Nachwuchsforschende nehmen Stellung zu Chancen und Risiken der Synthetischen Biologie

Ein neues Video des Forums Genforschung gibt in rund 7 Minuten einen Einblick in die Debatte um die Synthetische Biologie


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