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The “Platform Chemistry” unites and mediates knowledge in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and food technology. As one of the six platforms of the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences (SCNAT), it builds the grounds for knowledge transfer within these disciplines.

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The dialogue with society and politics is most important to the «Platform Chemistry». The platform presents itself as a dialogue partner for politics, media, economy and industry. Another priority is the improvement of the public reception of chemistry as a fundamental future-oriented science and as an important contributor to our society. The «Platform Chemistry» would like to arouse enthusiasm among children and young people for science and chemistry in particular. Promotion of young scientists at all levels of education, from pre-school to junior professors is therefore a top priority.

Through a broad-based debate and the provision of expert knowledge, the platform aims to inform the interested public about chemical topics and the importance of chemistry in everyday life. More about this can be found on the dialogue page.

Through its member societies, the «Platform Chemistry» has an extensive network of about 3000 experts at its disposal. The referral of experts is a core competence of the platform.

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Jul 04
  • conference
  • Berlin

40th Congress of the Federation of the European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)

With this joint congress, GBM and FEBS join forces and we expect to bring together a wide range of researchers from all across Europe and further a field to explore ‘The Biochemical Basis of Life’. The congress will cover the entire spectrum of molecular life sciences. Plenary speakers include Nobel laureate Randy Schekman (Berkeley), Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard), Jürgen Knoblich (IMBA, Vienna), Susan Lindquist (Whitehead Institute), Barbara Meyer (Berkeley), Sarah Teichmann (Cambridge), Alberto Kornblihtt (Buenos Aires), Nikolaus Pfanner (Freiburg), and Matthias Mann (MPI Martinsried).
Aug 03
  • conference
  • Wien

14th International Congress on Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins

In Vienna, 5 days of interactive research sections bringing together scientists and academic leaders will be held. All abstracts of oral and poster presentations will be published in the conference special issue of Amino Acids. Work presented at the meeting will have review priority when submitted to the journal Amino Acids. Selected scientists will be invited to join the editorial broad. Moreover, a Young Scientist Forum for young researchers will be established offering a chance to students to present their work and to have face to face communication with the editors / editorial board members of several top journals. Young talents in protein and peptide science will be identified and offered a 4 years´ full scholarship PhD position in a worldwide ranking top 10 lab of this area. We trust that also this forthcoming amino acid, peptide and protein congress will be a great opportunity for the international community to exchange ideas and develop a common vision for future research and leads to cooperation among scientists participating.
Aug 09
  • conference
  • symposium

45th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress (IUPAC-2015)

IUPAC-2015 will emphasize the central role of chemistry as a multidisciplinary science to promote the quality of life and welfare through innovative scientific achievements and discuss current issues of mutual interest.
Chemie mit Globi
  • 19.01.2015
  • book
  • teaching material

Chemie mit Globi

Für alle Kinder (und Eltern) die schon lange wissen wollten, wie Leim oder ein Riesengummibärchen gemacht werden. Für alle, die gerne mehr verstehen möchten von der Welt, die uns umgibt.
Chemical Landmark 2013
  • 12.09.2014
  • Platform Chemistry
  • media release

«Chemical Landmark 2014» würdigt das alte Laboratorium im Schloss Reichenau

Das Laboratorium im Schloss Reichenau hat für seine wissenschaftliche und historische Bedeutung die Auszeichnung «Chemical Landmark 2014» erhalten. Diese wird jährlich von der «Platform Chemistry» der Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz (SCNAT) verliehen. Die Auszeichnung wurde am 12. September in Reichenau überreicht.


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Welcome to the «Platform Chemistry»!

2015 is another year with many scientific and technological challenges lying before us where chemistry can provide solutions, but also put forth new questions...